Kai atsiveria naujos galimybės. Jupiterio sekstilis su Plutonu


Jau šių metų pradžioje sulauksime džiugaus laiko, kai danguje formuosis harmoningas tarp Jupiterio ir Plutono sekstilio aspektas, kuris atvers mums naujas galimybes pasaulio pažinimui, naujiems proveržiams ir patirtims.

Šis aspektas šiais metais džiugins tris kartus, bet jo įtaką jausime visus 2018 metus.

Tikslaus sekstilio tarp Jupiterio ir Plutono laikotarpiai:

1. sausio 16 d. – Jupiterio 19 – ame Skorpiono laipsnyje sekstilis į Plutoną Ožiaragyje 19 – tą laipsnį,


2. balandžio 14 d. – retrogradinio Jupiterio  21 – ame Skorpiono laipsnyje sekstilis į Plutoną Ožiaragyje 21 – mą laipsnį,


3. rugsėjo 12 d. – Jupiterio 18 – ame Skorpiono laipsnyje sekstilis į retrogradinį Plutoną Ožiaragyje 18 – tą laipsnį.

Jupiteris siejamas su nauju pažinimu, mokslais, kelionėmis, o Plutonas – su vidine jėga, valia, kardinaliais pokyčiais.

Laikotarpiu, kai tarp šių planetų yra harmoningas ryšys, galime sulaukti esminių pasikeitimų ar naujų atradimų mūsų gyvenime.

Vieniems kelionės ar mokymasis gali įvėpti pakeisti iš esmės savo gyvenimą, kitiems gali gimti noras dalintis  jau sukaupta savo gyvenimiška patirtimi, išmintimi ar įžvalgomis.

Skatinu visus pasinaudoti šiuo atveriančiu naujas galimybes laiku, kuris išties tebūna tik du kartus per dvyliką metų.



Dalinuosi su jumis astrologės iš Kanados Kelly Surtees straipsniu šia tema.

“Transform in 2018 with Jupiter Sextile Pluto

One of 2018’s signature aspects is a supportive sextile between Jupiter, planet of abundance, luck and opportunity, and power planet Pluto.

As Jupiter and Pluto link hands across the Zodiac, they offer each other support and encouragement, which in turn can help you find the right opportunities to grow and evolve. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to examine, explore and completely revamp at least one area of life.

I know the word transformation gets overused in astrology, but with Jupiter in Scorpio, our deepest sign, and working with Pluto, the planet that represents the death/rebirth process, this is truly an aspect that offers us all the chance for deep, profound and permanent transformation.

Jupiter will sextile Pluto in January, April and September 2018, setting up a three part process that will define and shape your experiences this year.

The first activation, on January 15 – 17, 2018, brings the discovery of something new. This might be confidence or courage, or a realisation that something is different and better than what you had thought. It can be the clarification of a true goal, and the letting go of obligations or a sense of duty based on the demands of others.

Transit aspects, like this Jupiter sextile Pluto one, typically describe a three stage process. The first stage is about recognition and revelation. January 2018 brings the introduction of this new pattern, and we all get the chance to connect with what it might mean for us. We’re all on a journey to shift and evolve, that will complete in September 2018, when this aspect ends.

Generally speaking, Jupiter sextile Pluto is about wealth, money and abundance, as well as a call to action about living your truth and being increasingly authentic. When Jupiter and Pluto work together you get the chance to review and clarify your dreams, and discover better ways to make them come true.

Check the houses in your personal chart that hold the signs of Scorpio and Pluto to see what topics and areas of life will bring you growth, power and influence in 2018.

Jupiter is also about faith, travel, adventure, meaning and the search for a purpose.

As Jupiter works with Pluto, asking deep, honest questions of yourself – and truly listening to the answers – will help you make meaningful changes or choices. A travel or learning experience may change your life this year, or you may be inspired to share your experiences, wisdom or insights more widely, like through writing, teaching or posting online.

One of my personal motto’s for 2018 is ‘try new things’.

I did a couple of things differently in 2017, especially at work, and they turned out nicely, and I’m inspired by that to make this my big theme for 2018.

While I can see trying new things worked out in hindsight, at the time, I was worried and unsure. I’m embracing those messy feelings this year as clues that I am growing, even if it’s uncomfortable at the time.

Jupiter in Scorpio invites us each into a more honest relationship with our own dark side or underbelly. Sitting in what we’re afraid of is actually how we can find our strength, and tap into our deepest power.

As Jupiter and Pluto connect, finding your strength, and learning how to use your talents for growth and improvement – in your life and the lives of those around you – becomes easier.

This January the cosmos extends an invitation and for those of us ready to truly step into our truth and power, this year brings ample opportunities to do so.

Say yes to what scares you. Jupiter always invites us forward into new territory. With Pluto in the mix, that new territory might feel like a dark, foreboding woods but once you get in you’re likely to see it’s tranquil, calm and a place to recharge.

I see a little of this ‘try new things’ essence in the Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect: this aspect invites us each to consider how we might challenge entrenched habits and attitudes, and explore what might be a better fit.

Try a different belief or dream. Does it fit better than something old that you’re holding onto way past its use by date? Yes or no? It might, or it might not. But the trick is we have to ask the questions to know for sure.

It might involve reflection, meditation and exploring your inner realm. I have just completed my second meditation for the year – which is more than I did in all of 2017 – and that post meditation calm, connected feeling is one I know will help me work with Jupiter in Scorpio, and especially this power packed aspect, in 2018. So, more morning meditations for me! You?

I think the Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect can lead to radical new levels of external success or even new abundance, but with the strong Scorpio and Pluto themes in this aspect you won’t reach those outer world goals without first exploring and going deep within.

Jupiter and Pluto reconnect in April and September 2018.

These months will bring stage two and three of the longer Jupiter/Pluto trend, helping each of us move deeper into our personal growth process.

In stage 2, in April, with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, there’s a chance to revisit the lofty goals begun in January, and reassess. A tweak to your strategy or plan in April can bring you to closer to a big success, win or achievement. A helping hand may reach out to you – if so, accept the help or invitation that arrives then. A slight adjustment to your annual goals will be worth making.

In stage 3, in September 2018 we get a sense of completion. This can bring a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction as Jupiter and Pluto connect one final time. A final push can get you over the finish line then, or you may be within reach of achievement a dream you have had for some time. Your personal Jupiter/Pluto inner transformation is complete and you’ll start to see real world changes and results that correspond to the inner shifts you’ve made in the first nine months of the year.

In 2018, Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile Pluto in Capricorn on:

January 15 – 16, from 19 Scorpio to 19 Capricorn
April 14, from 21 Scorpio to 21 Capricorn
September 12, from 18 Scorpio to 18 Capricorn”

Informacijos šaltinis https://kellysastrology.com/